Get Involved with Save Barnegat Bay

Impairment Campaign

During 2014 Save Barnegat Bay and our friends will work together to have public officials declare Barnegat Bay “Impaired” under the Clean Water Act.

A full effort to restore Barnegat Bay can be achieved only if government acknowledges what people and scientists already know and then employs our most powerful tools.

The  A B C’s  of “Impairment”:

Declaring the bay “impaired” triggers a constructive process:

A –  The NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) creates a quantitative model of how much nitrogen is now entering the bay.

B  –  NJDEP creates a quantitative model of how much nitrogen should be entering the bay for it to be reasonably healthy.

C  –  The Department  generates a quantitative plan to get from A to B.

A Lot Has Gone Right So Far:

  • Governor Christie has signed the nation’s strongest lawn fertilizer law. (It originated in the office of SBB.)
  • Governor Christie has persuaded Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station to close in 2019 instead of 2029.

The next positive step is to declare Barnegat Bay “impaired” in order to use the tools of the Clean Water Act to insure accountability by public officials.

It is only by measuring that true accountability can be achieved and Barnegat Bay can be restored.

This is Only Common Sense:

• When a business is in trouble…
A businessperson does a quantitative evaluation of the dollars and cents.

• When you have a health problem…
Your doctor evaluates quantitative test results.

• When an estuary such as Barnegat Bay is in trouble…
Leaders of serious intent take a quantitative approach to the excess nitrogen running into it.

Such an approach allows accountability in protecting nature, controlling pollution, and ensuring enough clean water for future generations before it is too late.

Please ask Governor Christie and all public officials to declare Barnegat Bay “Impaired” under the Clean Water Act.

Hon. Chris Christie
The State House
Trenton, NJ 08625